Monday, July 11, 2011

Phoenix Fashion Week 2011

After hearing about one of the biggest dust storms to come through Phoenix in the past 100 years, I was a little hesitant about taking a trip to Phoenix this past weekend. However, the girls and I booked this girls get-away trip a few weeks ago and none of us wanted to make changes to our plans.  Fortunately, we all made it to Phoenix on Thursday and Friday after the dust storm had past and everything in the city seemed to be just fine. Of course, everything in the city was covered in dust, but still after seeing this, it still didn't seem like a big deal, at least the aftermath of the storm. On a positive note, everyone in the city is okay, no big worries and no record of severe damages. 

What's going on in Phoenix?
This week I'll be highlighting one of Phoenix' biggest fashion event of the year - Phoenix Fashion Week.  This event will highlight emerging designers in the area and which starts October 5.  Check out the list of events and designer information on their official website.

Emerging artists that will be featured in this year's fashion event:

Designer: Anna Friss
Look of the Line: “Blue Bird Denim fuses street style with runway and a focus on body conscious youthful cuts.”

Designers: Monyca Cordova and Trenell Floyd
Look of the Line: “We are going for a timeless classic feel that transcends time.”-Cordova

Designer: Will Chandler
Look of the Line: “I consider my look to be a futuristic, non-traditional look, that some consider unusual coming from an urban perspective. Also, I incorporate principles of design both from graphic design, and fashion design, and lastly, I add that streetwear element in the final look. I use couture techniques when it comes to establishing that fitted look that is often seen in my sample prototypes. The bottom line is I look at my designs as works or wearable art, not just clothing.”

Designer: Joli’ Richard
Look of the Line: “Avant garde with a ready to wear tone. Couture, yet edgy for the risk taker. Her unique fashion sense targets those who are independent and always on the move. It is geared toward the jet-setter and the socialite. Her unique fashion sense targets those who are independent, and makes it easy to transition your wardrobe from day to night.”

Designer: Gary Jones
Look of the Line: “Vibrant, contemporary, clean.”

Designer: Latonya Adkins
Look of the Line: “The look of my fashion line is very chic, sophisticated and sexy. My niche market is women apparel that focuses on offering garments that emphasize shape, with form-fitting dresses, coats, suits, jumpsuits and separates. My garments will enhance an existing silhouette or provide the illusion of the perfect figure and age appropriateness for any women.”

Designer: Diana Lopez
Look of the Line: “My line is very feminine yet functional. I like my dresses short, but comfortable. The look is about being sexy but at the same time being very confident and ready for any situation- that’s why my mini skirts have pockets and the length of my dresses can be altered to fit the occasion.”

Designer: Mabel Cortez
Look of the Line: “Mabella Chic clothing line is inspired by the west coast’s city life and vogue trend.”

Designer: Sebastien Millon
Look of the Line: “The look is often times simple and clean. Usually there is some imagery accompanied by text, with the intent of being humorous.”

Designer: Silvia Bours
Look of the Line: “My line is ‘a unique piece of art.’ My dresses are theatrical and sweet but always feminine.”


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