Monday, July 18, 2011

Miami Fashion Week - Bikinis, Parties & Celebrities

If you didn't get a chance to see one of Miami's hotest summer events of the year, you definitely missed out on a big treat.  This year, Miami hosted the 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion week at the ultimate hot spot, the Raleigh Hotel, well-know for it's history of fashion and art-deco culture, with fabulous views and exotic scenery.

As with any other Fashion Week event, this year's Mercedez Fashion Week went off without a hitch, hosting run way shows, celebrity day parties, rooftop parties and more.  This past weekend was filled with celebrities, fashion icons, fashion newbies and everyone else under the sun.  One of the biggest highlights of this years show was the line up of summer fashions by Diesel.  Known for its cutting edge fashion style, Diesel wowed the viewers with some sassy new swim suits, bikinis and cover ups, highlighting both bold orange and pink colors as well as classic black and beige colors, perfect for women and men of any age.

Much of Hollywood's stars came out to this spectacular event including the fabulous Kardashian sisters, John Legend, Neo and many others.  Some came out for fashion shows, but many stayed for the parties.  From the official kickoff party hosted by Skyy Vodka to the celebrity studded rooftop parties at High Bar, this year's party line up had everyone out in the streets and partying til the break of dawn.

Check out photos from this years Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim's 2012 Swimwear Collections event.

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