Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fun Fashion - Spring 2012 Color Trends - Must Haves

2012 Spring Apparel and Accessory collections are more colorful and vibrate than years past, from bold, solid-color pieces—like a cardigan, wrap dress and vintage one-piece bathing suit to tri-colored handbags, clutches and statement accessories.  This years trend is all about trendy colors, individual style and glamour.  With this year's wide array of spring styles (Peplum skirts, Metallics, Floral patterns and futuristic prints), designers are taking style and creativity to a new level with cutting edge patterns, textures and fabrics incorporated into their designs. We've also seen this years color trends transform since the announcement of this year's new pantone color, Tangerine Tango.  Since this introduction, designers are incorporating more orange hues into their collections, from accessories to apparel as seen in runways across the world, so if you haven't picked up a few tangerine, coral or citrus pieces yet, be sure to pick some up today!

Check out some fun and easy styles for Spring 2012. Accessories

Sources: Glamour Magazine and Fun2No Fashions

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