Thursday, May 19, 2011

6 a.m. Fashion Tips

It's amazing that so little of my time is spent picking out the perfect top, nicely pressed skirt or even the perfect business casual dress as I get ready for work every morning. Waking up at 6 a.m. is just not my cup of tea, or in my case, coffee.  Sometimes I don't realize how uncoordinated I am until I see my reflection in the elevator mirrors in the office building. That's when I realize it's time to make a detour to the ladies room.  If you notice me walking into the office with my designer handbag and oversized black brief case, don't be fooled.  You may think, wow, that's girl really looks like she's got alot going on with that brief case; she must be really important.  But little do you know, my brief case is not filled with the typical reports, paperworks or contracts most executives carry around.  My brief case includes an extra pair of shoes, at least 3 sets of bangles, 2 pairs of earrings and my prada shades. I'm always prepared!   Not everyone has the motivation to put together the perfect look at 6 a.m. however, it is important to be prepared and always have a backup plan.  You should alway may sure you carrry extra accessories in your work bag to spice things up at the office.

This spring, I'm going to try something a little different at the office.  Instead of my usual butterfly earring and bracelets, I'll try some other new insect-insired jewels. What do you think?

Platinum and gold bee brooch with diamonds and enamel - Tiffany & Co.

Metal insect cuff - Lanvin

Plexiglas necklace with crystal butterfly - Lanvin


Blackberry gold ring with black and blue diamonds - Le Vian

 Night out on the town! Bug Out!

Leather, resin, and silk hand-painted wedge - Alexander McQueen

Satin clutch with beading and crystal buckle - Roger Vivier

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